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Getting Advising or Coaching as a Career Changer PhD Applicant



I'm a mid-career professional looking to get a PhD in neuroscience after getting a BA in computer science 15 years ago. I feel like I have had too much trial and error in the application process, with one completely unsuccessful round of applications so far and some programs I didn't even learn about until after their deadlines.

Given that I am not currently a student anywhere, where can I get truly knowledgeable advising about my PhD application? I actually booked a session through my undergraduate university but found it wasn't very helpful because it was just someone whose profession was advising and who didn't have any knowledge of neuroscience or neuroscience programs. I would ideally like an actual professor in the field to read my application and give me feedback as well as suggestions of programs that would be good matches for me and whether I need to do any additional preparatory work. Knowledge about what is important for a career changer specifically would be helpful as well.

Can anyone recommend any individuals or services who might be able to help me?

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Have you had recent experience with Neuroscience? If not, it will likely be hard to get into a neuroscience PHD program. You may want to consider getting a masters in the field you are interested in first. PhD programs are difficult to get into, especially I've heard for individuals who have taken a long break between BA and grad school. You will need strong letters of recommendation to push the committee to seeing that you are ready for the work load and time commitment of a PhD program at this time in your life. Besides online resources that you can find through this website you're going to need relationships with individuals who are faculty members/ research coordinators to help you with applications.


Best of luck! 

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