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question: "National Socialism" as a academic subject?


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Hi. I am living in a middle eastern country. I have interest to "national socialism (1933-1945)" as a research subject and I hope in future (maybe near future) I can work on this subject in a western university.

 I have a question: is "national socialism" still an interesting subject in academic circles? From a Political Thought view of point and not political Sociology. Can anybody have a phd dissertation on "national socialism" in this days? if yes what topics on more important in west (Europe/America) on relation to "national socialism". I mean, for example totalitarianism, Socialism aspect of NS, Internal contradictions of fascism, Class bases of fascism, Racial issues, NaziState and etc. I really need information and I want to know can I write a  dissertation on this subject in near future or not?

Also if you now, please tell me is any current debate on this subject now in academic circles? For example so many years ago there was Ernst Nolte. Is any debate still live or this subject ("national socialism") or this is is a dead academic subject and don’t have any importance?  

Thank you

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I'm not in the subfield of political theory, but I have never really seen these topics in mainstream political science departments in the US. 

Might be a bigger thing in Europe. Or rather, might be more popular in disciplines like German studies or history. 

I mean topics like authoritarianism are still significantly popular but that doesn't really have anything to do with nazism.

Typically political science isn't focused on specific historical time periods. That isn't to say that projects cannot be historical. But what you seem to be describing is more the realm of history.

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Check out Indiana University--Bloomington's political science PhD program. They have one professor, William Scheuerman, who does work on German political thought, and has actually published on fascism, the decline of liberal democracy, and similar topics. 

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