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Congratulations to the Maryland acceptance... Any chance you'd be willing to offer stats/any info? I'm particularly curious since they were only accepting PhD students with MAs in hand this year.

Thanks in advance.

I'm obviously not the person who originally posted, but I received an acceptance from Maryland really early in February--I think all of their info went out already (including waitlists). From what I could glean, it seems like Maryland really does look at applications holistically (I don't know how much GRE scores play a factor in the decision, but I strongly suspect that scores above the 90th percentile were common in both admitted and waitlisted applicants). I also know that faculty and program strengths seem to be in 20th century American, 18th century, and Early Modern. Also, a lot of the admitted and waitlisted students seemed to come from really strong M.A. programs. Hope this quenched your curiosity!

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I went to Maryland for undergrad, and I was very well-versed on the department. If anybody has any questions about the program or the College Park area, I'd love to help! Maryland is a great school and the professors really care about their students, so congrats on getting in!

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