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Phd Clinical Psychology options in Germany


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Is anybody aware what can be the good options to consider for pursing a PhD in Clinical Psychology in Germany? Also, what's the nature of funding and are these programs offered in English medium?

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I'm from Germany and I am doing my undergrad in psych in the US right now. I also have a professor that did his undergrad and masters in Germany and PhD in the US, but still has connections over there. My professor told me if I wanted to do clinical psych I'd have to do it in the country that I would eventually want to live in. Since I have dual citizenship (US and Germany) I would have to consider that first before starting a clinical psych PhD program. It's different in both countries because the requirements are different in order to actually get a license to be a clinical psychologist. In Germany, you have to go to a school that offers apprenticeships in clinical psych and you'll have to decide whether you want to do clinical psych for children or adults. These apprenticeships cost money and will take about 3 years. But to apply to the program, you'll need a master's in clinical psychology first. I'm sure you know that in the US, in order to work as a clinical psychologist, you'll need to complete an APA accredited clinical psychology PhD program and then do a clinical psychology internship. Also, if you're a licensed clinical psychologist in one country, you can't practice in another country unless you do further schooling to obtain your license. And that could mean doing the whole thing over again in the other country.

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