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Stat PhD 18Fall evaluation

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Undergrad Institution: China Top 10
Major(s): Mathematical Finance
Minor(s): Mathematics
GPA: 3.79/4.0
Type of Student: International Male
mathematical analysis 1-3 (A, A+, A), linear algebra 1-2 (B, A+), abstract algebra (A+), probability theory (A+), stochastic process (A+), mathematical statistics (A), Econometrics (A+)
real analysis (B-), numerical analysis & complex analysis & functional analysis & topology & time series & game theory (all A+)

GRE General Test: 326
 168 (95%)
V: 158 (80%)
W: 3.0 (17%)
GRE Subject Test in Mathematics:
M: 840 (87%) (I will take it again in Sep.)

TOEFL Score: 103/120 (taken in Nov, 2015)

Grad Institution: Top 10 in USNews and Top 10 in Statistics
Concentration: Applied Math
GPA: 3.72
analysis (B) numerical linear algebra (B+) probability (A) stochastic process (A) linear model (A) computational learning theory (A)
Programs Applying: Statistics and Machine learning
Research Experience:  RA with a computational neuroscience professor; RA with a biostatistics professor
Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Meritorious winner in 2015 Mathematical Contest of Modeling; Scholarship in undergraduate
Pertinent Activities or Jobs: TA for Calculus with probability and matrices
Letters of Recommendation: one from a well-known professor who taught me two stat phd courses; two from relatively less well-known professors for whom I am RA.
Any Miscellaneous Points that Might Help: 

Applying to Where: 
Cambridge-machine learning
UCL gatsby-computational neuroscience & machine learning
I know that I am too optimistic about my profile. The truth is that I will go to work if none of them admit me.
Should I retake GRE general or TOEFL?
Thanks everyone for your time and patience and suggestions
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Hello John. 


Honestly, your profile is solid. Most statistic programs just check to see that your GRE Verbal score is not abysmally low. Anything about 70th percentile + doesn't warrant extra scrutiny. As with all top schools, you'll need some luck on your side. However, I think that you are a strong applicant. Your analytical writing score is a bit weak, but since you're an international student, make sure your letters of recommendation and personal statement are crisp.


I would also encourage you to apply to some "safe" schools! Don't go and work just because you didn't get into a top program :) 


Best of luck! 

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