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Clinical Psychology PhD Admissions Consultant?

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Hey all,

I am a current 3rd year at UNC's Clinical Psychology PhD program who completed the NIH Post-Bac IRTA program and took off a year to travel (which made my application extremely competitive!). I've been reflecting on how much I've learned about what kills applicants chances and what makes a strong applicant and interview since I've begun reviewing applications and interviewing for my own PI. I want to utilize my experience and knowledge to help others give themselves the best shot at the admissions process. I am considering putting together a website to advertise my services (help figuring out what experience you need to make yourself a competitive applicant, assistance creating a realistic selection of schools to apply to, reviews of personal statements, assistance prepping for interviews, ) but wanted to gauge interest. I know a lot of people offered me advice along the way but realistically, only some of it is helpful and unfortunately, a lot of it is out of date. The admissions process is so much more competitive now than ever before for clinical psychology and I want to be a resource for others. Thoughts on whether you think this would be a service you wished existed would be great! I would conduct all services via phone or FaceTime and make payments easy online.

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I'm applying to experimental psych programs, but last cycle I feel like I bombed an interview! Question I felt (at the time) was out of left field, but looking back now, I see that question was well justified. I would have loved someone to point this out in my application before hand. I could have prepared better ?

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I've known some who have offered the same services and did well. If hadn't had the mentors or lab to get feedback from during my app season, I think I would've benefited greatly from something like this and feel confident in saying others probably would feel the same.

Good luck on your future endeavors if you choose to do this, I think it's a great idea! :)

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