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OK to call them?


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I wouldn't call unless you were really close with a contact there. I can't imagine how annoyed they must get with people constantly inquiring.

That being said, if you call you might get an answer, so it's up to you.

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I have called before, though not for PhD programs. If you have another excuse to call, like the status of your supporting documents not being updated on the site, sometimes they'll tell you your status anyway (happened to me last week, told me the status is 'in review' and i'd here very very soon. I found out I was admitted the next day). Also, I am close with one of the potential advisors I want to work with (funding is his problem right now) so when it was a month since I submitted my app, I asked him directly the status of my app. Just don't make a habit of it, I think one call isn't going to make or break your admission to the school.

Hope this helps,


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Honestly, I have no problem calling. I haven't talked to the secretaries before and I am sure that they can't tell the difference between my voice and somebody else's. I just ask for the status and if they were to say something else other than "still reviewing" THEN I would give them my name.

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