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  1. Ok. So I was given the opportunity to apply for a vacant spot in the school psych Ph.D. program at a school. After applying I had an interview with the program director and was unofficially accepted by him. After suggesting that I be accepted, the application was forwarded to the graduate school for review. As of Friday, they will have had my application for two weeks with no updates. I would be a transferring grad student and the person that I had talked to asked me to clarify why I was transferring and asked me at one point whether the spring of 2011 would be my last semester at my current school. I said that it would if I was accepted. That was two weeks ago. I still have not been officially accepted to the school so I am not willing to withdraw from my current school yet. Here's the problem, Summer 1 starts on Monday. So if I am not accepted by Monday then I am taking summer school. Should I inform this person that summer school is coming up? The school I am applying to works on a quarter system, while my current university is on a semester system. This means that their spring term ends tomorrow while mine ended two weeks ago and we are about to start another term. What should I do??
  2. jlloyd87

    UC Riverside

    Is anybody still paying attention to this? I just got accepted to the School Psych Ph.D. program. Pretty excited!!!
  3. jlloyd87

    School Psychology applicants 2010-2011

    Anybody going to UC-Riverside?
  4. jlloyd87

    Riverside, CA

    I will be going to Riverside in the fall and I am trying to find an apartment that is large dog friendly. Does anybody know of any or have any suggestions?
  5. jlloyd87

    Social Psychology

    Tennessee knows. You will just have to be brave enough to ask your POI. I asked and was told that I was rejected.
  6. jlloyd87

    Knoxville, TN

    This was my top choice, but I was rejected.
  7. jlloyd87

    The PhD Applicants Bill of Rights

    I actually thought a while ago that if I was ever a professor then I would try really hard to keep a weekly email going to applicants until a decision was made. I cannot tell you how many times some general "I know you exist" email would have saved alot of anxiety.
  8. jlloyd87

    Social Psychology

  9. jlloyd87

    Social Psychology

    I got my unofficial rejection today from Tennessee. For the curious ones, I emailed to find out.
  10. jlloyd87

    Social Psychology

    If the person with the A&M acceptance is on here, can you say who your POI is?
  11. jlloyd87

    TAMU admissions

    I stay logged in on my home computer and normally nobody gets on this site. Now I know better.
  12. jlloyd87

    TAMU admissions

    I would just like everyone to know that I was not the one that said "College Station sucks anyways"... Somebody got on my account and decided to have some fun.
  13. jlloyd87

    TAMU admissions

    College Station sucks anyway.
  14. jlloyd87

    funding yourself

    I don't think funding yourself would cause anybody to think negatively toward you. I know the maximum Stafford loan for a single year is $20,500. I have no idea what kind of sources there are for private funding opportunities.
  15. jlloyd87

    Claremont Graduate University

    I have been told that they don't offer that great of a financial package. That might be why they actually have open positions.

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