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Mary H

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Hi All,

I've been given a fairly long reading list to prepare for September.

I looked at Google scholar, Jstor but could not find the ones I was looking for...and I do not want to ask my advisor to put them online, I think that if it were his intention, he would have done so already.

Do you know a good database where I could look? I don't mind if it charges a monthly fee as long as I can find the requested articles.





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Start looking for the journals in your library's catalog. They are more likely in another database they pay for so you'll find them. Also, if you don't want to ask your advisor, ask for help to a reference librarian. They should know which database you should use. 

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One other thing to try is to go on the authors' webpages. Many will have preprints or links to their articles on their publications page. Another thing to do is ask a more senior student for help, if you're having trouble with the search in general and not just finding one or two of the articles. You could consult with a librarian -- they're there to help precisely with questions like this. Or you could simply ask your professor, if you rethink your hesitation and decide there is no real reason for it (I don't know the situation well enough to have an opinion). 

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Check the specific journals they were published in, many journals host articles for free online on their relevant websites. Also a lot of people throw up their own articles on places like academia.edu, so worth searching there too.

Feel free to ask your professor if you can't find something he wants you to read, chances are he has pdf copies of his own anyway. Everyone I've met in my field certainly seems to at any rate.

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