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Two things:

1. I'm having trouble finding people doing what I want to do. My goal is to apply to Comp Lit programs (F 2018), but I'm not sure I'm competitive or whatever. I have a reading knowledge of Russian, German, Biblical Greek, and Biblical Hebrew (I feel like most programs want more than a reading knowledge, but I'm finding it hard to get further w/o spending much $$$). I went to a whatever Christian liberal arts college, got a B.A. in English, minor in Theology, 3.75 GPA, some good papers, good recommenders, albeit unknown. I want to look mostly at biblical, theological, and philosophical influences on 19thC Anglophone and Russian lit, mostly novels. Do any schools, scholars, or programs come to mind where that would even make sense? 


2. Who's doing anything similar? Anything comparative between ancient and modern(ish) influences? Anyone doing bible stuff in a lit dept? 

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First, you and I are exactly the same as far as undergrad goes! I also went to a you've-never-heard-of Christian liberal arts college, to a B.A. in English, minored in Theology, got a 3.8 GPA. Ha! That's funny!

Anyway! To answer your question, I recently finished my MA and my office mate and I were the only two people in the program applying to PhD programs. She's doing Comparative Lit at Northwestern. From what she was telling me, the school is phenomenal, they're playing really well, the professors there are elite, and you'd be able to do the stuff you're talking about there. Sooooo, my suggestion is to definitely apply to Northwestern.

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