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Hi! I am thinking about getting my Master's in Social Work. My heart really isn't in the studying, research papers, being stressed out, time conflicts, etc. I know getting a Masters can help to open up doors, provide you with more income and give you opportunities that a BSW cannot. 

For those of you who have gotten their Master's, can you give me an idea of how your program was, what your debt is now after attending, if you were able to get a job fairly quickly, if you did it online or on campus, etc. Any information that you can provide would be awesome! 

When you went to apply for Grad School were you excited to start school again and learn more about social work, or were you kind of dreading it but realized this is something you want/need for your career? 

Have you thought about going into other fields? Or were you 100% on social work? 

How long have you been in the field? How are you using your Master's....what type of work do you do? 

Thank you for taking the time to read this and respond. 




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