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Seen people change their concentration during MFA?


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Have you seen someone change their medium (or field of work?) drastically while in MFA? 

For example, from sculpture to 2D, vice versa, or even within 2D: design to painting, etc. etc... I mean changing to a pretty much totally different area.

Is that allowed even if the school doesn't have a department that fits the new concentration? Do they tell you to transfer to a different school then?

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Yes, it's pretty common for people's work to change dramatically in grad school. 

I've never heard of anyone transferring departments though. Most programs are way too structured in terms of their timelines for that (plus it's likely very important that the number of students in each program stay consistent, for funding, studio space, etc.)

Unless you're in a super dogmatic program, I don't think anyone will care if your work changes. Look at the work coming out of most painting programs and you'll find lots of artists who aren't painting by the time they finish. Same goes for sculpture, photography etc 

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I just visited the National Portfolio Day in New York. All the Universities told me ones you are accepted in chosen discipline you are not required to work only in that discipline. They want you to explore and research as much as possible.

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