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Has anyone recently got into the Harvard Education Masters program?



This isn't a "Am I competitive?" question. I was just wondering how you got in, GPA, GRE, etc. I'm senior at a small undergraduate school in Ohio and am thinking about where I want to go next. I've narrowed it down to Harvard, NYU, or OSU. I was pretty confident in getting into Harvard since I've had some experience in the field and a good GPA, but after reading a thread, I'm nervous. I know Harvard is quite competitive, but I read that the Education Masters program wasn't as difficult. Now I'm reading differently? That it is difficult and I'm kind of beating myself up thinking I won't get in now. If anyone can provide any advice or tell me how they got in, I'd be appreciative. 

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19 hours ago, 1%learnings said:

think about it about for a second,

if you were to get anywhere, a company, a country, a friend's circle of friend,

* how would you know why you got in?



please post your thoughts

You would have a notion of what your great Strengths were that possibly got you in.

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i likely shouldn't start this of, or be the one to point out:

* so your exact wording was: "I was just wondering how you got in, GPA, GRE, etc. "

* & not "rather what was their GPA, GRE scores, how involved they were, etc."


but it's too late now, and i got a wonderful firecracker here, and it's not even the 4th of july yet





{ Being Open To The Life Out There } 

  1. an uncertain life is what leads to a more beautiful life.
  2. so you want to know what are the likely reasons for why they got in
    • but knowing so does not do you much good besides you gaining the feeling of certainty, and thereby, comfort
      • many of times, being open to the life out there would be at a distance from comfort
        • like high on a spaceX rocket to mars in ~2050 or so
          • so high & at a distance from the comfort of our small town
            • that we are, so habitually acquainted with, and all so used to
          • in lord of the rings, the only thing I can remember was when a noblegirl was asked:
        • 'What do you fear, lady? and Eowyn says,
      • 'A cage. To stay behind bars, until use and old age accept them, and all chance of doing great deeds is gone beyond recall or desire.'
    • being open to the life out there is to accept -- and thereby to gain some comfort in --
  3. the beautiful uncertainty of life



i could give you and link to the direct answers to your curiosity, but as is the case with some kinds of learnings (not all), it would not do you much good -- besides that feeling of comfort & certainty



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