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  1. 1 - you ideal goals section should've been the first thing on your post 2 - a piece of paper / degree would never matter for any significant goals that are outside of academia 3 - network theory for the route of pipelines, or the route of anything for that matter, but you said you weren't that good with math -- https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Network_theory 4 - you need to focus your goals -- nobody, not a single person in this universe does all this - if there are, link that person to me 5 - there are no best options for all this, experience would be the best choice so far let me know what you think / find out --- also to get more helpful answers, please post in the appropriate subforum for your academic topic if the question is in the style of what are my chances? how competitive am i? please post in the what are my chances section of the appropriate academic topic thanks
  2. a portfolio should always have your highest quality work any other questions?
  3. sounds like you haven't had experience for a basic question like this you just tell you're leaving, it's that simple
  4. deciding life path, that's one of the best kind of questions your first line then should be what you want, your goal, your end goal i dont see that here, please make it clear
  5. possible options is something you ask your professors there are clubs that help with this, have you checked them out yet let me know what you find out
  6. under uncertainty, you just accept the uncertainty please re-edit and send a specific question thank you
  7. please ask a much more specific question thank you
  8. so you want to learn programming that's a great thing there's TONS of resources on the Web to learn basics so you'll be preppred for your comp ling program let me know what you find
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    Need Help?

    do you think there could be a bullet point list? would be helpful
  10. this is specific to highly developed nations based on gdp per capita by places = i mean cities, or towns or a more specific area so looking for possible solutions to this problem of how to find the values & way of life of specific places or at least something helpful on how to find the values & way of living on any given place i understand that when it comes to values and way of life, some would say most places are pretty much the same -- and that there aren't any significant differences & that's true for many places i understand that one answer could there isn't anything but that's not helpful and doesn't add anything to the goal for example, something helpful would be if someone had mapped on excel the significant differences between places there's many things that would be helpful, and i don't if they are out there but someone knowledgeable on this goal/problem would have a helpful answer one helpful test of any given resource would be if a highly knowledgeable person said to themselves this: after looking through 1,000 to 1 billion things, i would more than comfortable to recommend this as the -- single best -- video, resource, etc. of a specific area the biggest problem is that information out there is just too generic the 2nd biggest problem is that ppl tend to have a large unawareness of themselves as well as other ppl so they would just over-generalise other ppl
  11. you made a great switch and you'll be doinng far more good than the rest of the ppl in the universe why are you concern about chances? what you should care about is the leading edge of your field/area that's what you always would want not like the 99% of society
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