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Hey guys,

i'm preparing for the GRE currently and I'm having some slight trouble with work rate problems. 

I bought Kaplan's GRE prep book, and I've been trying to figure out if there's a difference in how you solve a work problem that says, "working together but independently" versus a work problem that says "working together". 

If there is a difference in the way you would solve them, what is it? Also, what would working together but independently mean exactly in this case?



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Hmm, I've never heard of the distinction of "together but independently" vs "together". I wouldn't think it would impact how you would solve it because they are still getting the same total "work" done. However, I too sometimes get hung up on the Work problems. I know for a fact that Magoosh never bothered to make that distinction in their videos on work problems. That would indicate to me it isn't an important distinction if there is a difference. Wish I could be more helpful!

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