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Not using field school advisor?

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After being out of anthropology completely for ~5 years (got a MA in Museum Studies/American Studies, working in CM since then) I am strongly considering going for a MA/PhD in Applied/Public Anthropology (not Museum Anthropology), blending my undergrad work and my current museum's focus.

As I am reaching out to previous advisors, favorite professors, supervisors, etc, I emailed my field school advisor asking for general advice about coming back into the field, slightly switching subfields, etc. Basically his response was that since I was not considering his subfield it was good luck and good bye. So he's off the table for asking for a LOR. I am trying to track down my undergrad advisor (he left the field altogether, doesn't seem to have any public contact information- so I have to resort to going through facebook - ick) but I think I can count on him, otherwise my LORs are someone I volunteered for in a different subfield that I used for job applications, my grad school advisor (different field but kind of close), a museum internship supervisor (different field but understands being disenchanted with museums), and possibly my current supervisor or project lead (different fields but they can attest to my work ethic and dedication.)

Am I shooting myself in the foot not including an otherwise obvious choice for a LOR? 

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