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PhD Programs in 16th/17th c. Italian Art?


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Any recommendations for PhD programs in 16th- and 17th-century Italian art? 

I have already have an MA in Art History and solid language skills. I know that in the past five years a number of scholars in Early Modern art have retired, especially in the Baroque and the 17th century, so I am also considering working with scholars who focus on Medieval or Renaissance Italian art. Of course, funding is also a concern.


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What aspects of 16th and 17th c. Italian art?

Steven Ostrow (University of Minnesota)

Evonne Levy (University of Toronto)

Estelle Lingo (Washington)

These are the people I know best if you're interested in Baroque sculpture.

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The best thing to do would be to look up the scholars whose works have most influenced you and/or are related to what you want to pursue in a PhD and see where they or their colleagues teach. Finding the right programs requires a bit of research and digging — see it as the first test among many that will determine if you’re ready for a PhD. 

Im assuming you’re planning to apply for fall 2019 (since most deadlines for phds are in the next 1-2 weeks), so the good news is you have time to read more if you need to/refine your interests further. Good luck!

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