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  1. Any accepted Rutgers applicants out there who will not be taking their offer?
  2. Thanks, tarsila89! Would you be willing to share your area of interest? Feel free to message me if you prefer.
  3. Also, any University of Delaware applicants out there?
  4. I would be interested in hearing more from the person who was accepted at Toronto. If you're around, would you be willing to message me? Thanks!
  5. Yes, thanks! It seems helpful...though I question the accuracy of some of it.
  6. Last year, someone posted a spreadsheet with some data going back several years with funding package info for art history programs. I can't seem to find it again. Has anyone seen anything like this posted on grad cafe?
  7. Anyone heard anything from Toronto? It looks like in the past they have been all over the board in terms of when they make decisions/notify applicants. Just curious if anyone has any inside scoop.
  8. texasod

    Fall 2018

    Any University of Maryland PhD admits out there who’d be willing to talk about funding packages with me? Could you pm me? Thanks!
  9. texasod

    Fall 2018

    I first emailed my POI who directed me to the DGS. It took her a couple of weeks to reply and let me know my status.
  10. texasod

    Fall 2018

    I haven’t been admitted; I’m on the waitlist at Rutgers. But, I just got an email from the DGS today who said they are only taking 4 PhD students this year.
  11. texasod

    Fall 2018

    Any Early Modernists out there who’ve decided where they’re going? I’m on the waitlist for several schools and trying to get a sense of where a spot might open up.
  12. texasod

    Fall 2018

    I think what it likely means is that they have notified their first choices for admission and we are likely on somewhat of an unofficial waitlist until they have a sense of whether they will want to extend acceptances to additional candidates in order to fill their spots. In contacting other programs, that is basically what I have been told. It may be in some cases that applications have also been referred to MA programs for consideration, but I already have an MA so at least for me that’s not the case.
  13. texasod

    Fall 2018

    Does anyone know when Pitt’s visit days are for admitted students?
  14. texasod

    Fall 2018

    @FreakingOutFragonard I also have heard nothing from NYU! But then again, I haven’t heard anything from 9 out of 10 of the schools I have applied to :/
  15. texasod

    Fall 2018

    Thanks, @ReichenbachFalls! Nothing on my end...must not be good news for me! If you’re willing to share, what’s your subfield?
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