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Letter from a Museum Professional

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Hi everyone,

I'm currently at a summer internship at a pretty widely known art museum, which I also interned at when I was in high school. I was thinking of getting a recommendation from our director of education (mainly because this seems to be a pretty important title) for doctoral Art History programs, but I'm not sure if this is the wisest.

First, the director doesn't have a PhD, does this immediately discount them? They have an MA from a renowned school (but not one I'm planning to apply to).

Second, like I said, my extent of interaction with this person is relatively slim, boiling down to 8 weeks in high school and 8 weeks this summer, with a few short run-ins between. 

Third, logistically, if I wanted to use this rec for multiple schools, would I just have to pester them from another state? Or would it be something they give to me to upload?

I realize the fact that I have such hesitations probably means I shouldn't use this person, but I think I might need to, because my primary Art History professor, who has written many a recommendation for me in the past, is on sabbatical this year in a location where they are very hard to contact.


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Your LOR should be someone who can write a very strong letter detailing your traits, work ethic and why you'd be a great fit to the PhD program. So if you feel the director can do that for you, I personally would ask.

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