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  1. Yahoo congrats!!! Congrats to you too!!! Hoping for good news!!!
  2. It's such a struggle! Half of mine closed on October 1st, but the other half closed on September 15th. I found those out last week! So I think on the others we have to just keep checking and wait. I distracted myself (as best I could) but staying very busy... studying for a Korean test, beginning to learn Japanese, etc. I wish you the best of luck!!
  3. How is everyone doing? Today is a Korean holiday kind of like Korean thanksgiving so happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I got some great news today - I've been recommended to the graduate school for acceptance to BGSU! They are my number one choice. Once I receive the actual acceptance email, I will be accepting! I'm ecstatic!!
  4. Nice Dogfish! Do you care to share your scores?
  5. Thanks for setting everything up @klader! I PMed you my work / business e-mail. In other news: I spoke with the enrollment adviser at ASU last night and she told me that I'm in review, so be on the lookout and check my status everyday... should find out in a week or two... eep! She told me it's a competitive program with a class size of about 20 students but also said being in review this early may be a good sign. Let's hope so! I keep flip flopping on what program I want and am now thinking ASU and BGSU are my top 2. These next few weeks may be the death of me...
  6. I think that's a great idea! Does anyone want to start a group? Or we could do a gmail messaging group if that's easier for anyone else.
  7. How is everyone doing after this fine weekend? Any progress? SOPs written, e-mails sent, schools checked out?
  8. I know! I was shocked myself that it came so fast. I keep checking the e-mail to see if I'm dreaming.
  9. Happy news here today folks! Woke up to an acceptance e-mail from one of my schools! I'm shocked they got back to me so quickly, my second letter of recommendation just got sent yesterday, but I must have been "under review" until it came in. It's my #2 program so I'm really stoked!!! I'm not sure if I should e-mail the adviser and let her know I'm waiting on the others or not, she sent me an e-mail about scheduling everything and acceptance (but nothing about funding... so I also want to ask about that.)
  10. I requested by e-mail for my last professor I needed (other two bosses in person and via message) and I've kept in contact through Facebook as we are FB friends. Shoot an e-mail, ask how they are, politely ask if they remember you and your work enough to write a strong LOR. Good luck!
  11. I think @lit_nerd has to add them since he started the chat! I've tried everything and I have no option to add others. Sorry @klader, @punctilious and @a_sort_of_fractious_angel! I'll keep looking.
  12. Everyone says there is "no required number" but have you looked at the average scores of who they accept? That's what they are looking for. If you think it will be okay and you can get it, I wouldn't retake, but if it's that bad and you think can do better, I would.
  13. Hi everyone! Hope you're all having a great weekend! I applied to all of my schools today! I can't believe it! Now I just have to wait for my recommenders to send in their letters and wait around until I hear some (hopefully good) news!
  14. Hi everyone! Hope you are all doing alright. I've been working on last drafts of my SOPs. I've decided to apply this Sunday to all of my programs (as I am aiming for Spring 2018) and now I'm stressed! I think I'll feel great on Sunday though when it's all done. I've ordered and sent all my transcripts so now it's just time to apply! I need some advice on my third LOR. I asked one of my old Korean professors in mid-May and he said, of course! He remembers who I am and knows my work closely, because we were very close during my studies and still keep in touch regularly on Facebook and e-mai
  15. No, that is a really good score. I wouldn't retake. Hi @punctilious's husband and welcome! His stats seem really great. I hope he kicks the GRE's butt! If he does, I think he'll have a great shot at all the Ivy schools on his list. Just gotta make sure the SOP and the LORs are shining and amazing. Those are honestly the most important part.
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