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Paid paper services and the people that use them


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I was going through old threads here and wandered across one discussing essayscam.org. After perusing the forum for a while, I'm flabbergasted at the complete lack of ethics on the part of almost every member. As a hopeful future academic, I'm disgusted and enraged. The whole site is an interesting illustration of many of the more negative aspects of human behavior. Additionally, it's frankly incredible that that many people involved in an industry designed to facilitate cheating have the gall to complain about "unethical" services/clients.

Has anyone had any personal experience with people using these kinds of services? The intention here is not to promote any of them (quite the opposite, in fact). I'm really curious as to how common their use is, especially in a U.S. context, and what strategies can be used to detect their use. 

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I don't get the outrage. If you pay for a service, don't you expect to get what you purchased?

Same reason why there are websites that review mail drug orders or prostitution or whatever illegal/unethical behavior people engage in where the market can't really provide consistent means of recognizing reputation.

As for people doing this...well you have to recognize that a large portion of people go to college because they "have to" to succeed in whatever endeavor they want. When there's people who don't want to be there and/or don't care/want to study then of course this type of thing is going to exist.

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