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Are European schools likely an option for me?


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Hello. I'm currently a senior at an American university, pursuing two BAs (one in Geography, one in Urban Studies and Planning). I'm getting ready to apply to graduate school, and the more I think about, the more I realize Europe might be a strong option for me, particularly Germany or the UK. I want to get a Master's degree in Urban Planning or a related field, with a specific focus on commuter railroad administration. Essentially, I want to be an urban planner who specializes in public transportation. When it comes to infrastructure, Europe is just plain better in this regard (I live in a city with amazing public transit for America, and when I went to the UK I was deeply humbled), and I see a strong argument for studying under those who have designed systems much better than most of my own country. Plus, Europe is so interconnected that I could explore the systems in many countries and cities other than the one I end up studying in. Finance wise, it looks like it'd cost the same or cheaper as studying in the US (if I do a 1 year program, I stand to save a ton). I would most likely return to America upon obtaining my degree. The thing is, I have a 3.35 GPA (too much time at my part-job, not enough in the library). I don't know how that looks to European schools. I am doing an Urban Planning thesis this Fall that I can bring up in my applications, but I don't do an internship until Spring semester. Is all of this nothing to worry about, or could it present a problem?

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