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( hey, finding the current values & way of life of places )


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this is specific to highly developed nations based on gdp per capita

by places = i mean cities, or towns or a more specific area

so looking for possible solutions to this problem of how to find the values & way of life of specific places

or at least something helpful on how to find the values & way of living on any given place

  • i understand that when it comes to values and way of life, some would say most places are pretty much the same -- and that there aren't any significant differences
  • & that's true for many places

  • i understand that one answer could there isn't anything but that's not helpful and doesn't add anything to the goal

for example, something helpful would be if someone had mapped on excel the significant differences between places

there's many things that would be helpful, and i don't if they are out there

but someone knowledgeable on this goal/problem would have a helpful answer

one helpful test of any given resource would be if a highly knowledgeable person said to themselves this:

after looking through 1,000 to 1 billion things, i would more than comfortable to recommend this as the -- single best -- video, resource, etc. of a specific area

the biggest problem is that information out there is just too generic

the 2nd biggest problem is that ppl tend to have a large unawareness of themselves

as well as other ppl so they would just over-generalise other ppl

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