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What to do when the department lost a LOR?

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I recently checked with an adviser at School X to see if they had all my documents and he proceeded to tell me they were missing my professor's LOR. I was shocked! I am applying to my Alma mater and I spoke with my professor the day before he hand delivered it to the department. The school was quick to blame the professor (which I knew was crap since I cannot see him failing to deliver it). I asked my professor and he said he delivered it, but would go back yet a second time to deliver the letter. He was so quick to help me and I am forever grateful, but I think it was a little too late...it seems that the school sent admit emails already...

I am super bummed that this happend and most likely lowered my chances of getting into the program. I am also upset that they seemed to not realize that they straight up lost a LOR. And they never aplogized, they just skirted around the issue which was even more infuriating.

Has anybody else ever come across this issue? What did you do?

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i had this problem and blogged about it here:

anyway, email the professor in charge of graduate admissions and pour out your technical heart: talk about why you're applying to grad school and give technical reasons. pretty much update them on your professional life. u should do this because it is likely they'll take a second look at ur file since it was not complete. if they had rejected u already this email will only help give u a second chance.

as i said, i had a very similar experience. good luck.

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Thanks for the advice!! I read your blog and can see that it isn't only my Alma mater who is irresponsible! I haven't gotten a rejection email as of yet (who knows what that means at this point) so I have not lost total hope.

Good luck to you too, rev IT!

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