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HELP! Medical School application question (CANADA)



Hello! This will make most sense for Canadians applying to Canadian medical schools, as processes are different in the USA.
I'm stuck in a pickle:

I had planned to write the MCAT August 4th. Now less than 2 weeks away from that date, I find myself not feeling confident about the sections other than Verbal. As you may know, Northern Ontario School of Medicine does not require MCAT scores, and McMaster Med only looks at Verbal scores. An important note on top of this: it just so happens that with my background and application, NOSM and Mac are actually where I have the best chances of getting accepted into anyway, regardless of MCAT.


Option 1: write only the Verbal section, and leave all other sections blank, so that if I don't get into Mac/NOSM and choose to re-write properly, schools will see that I initially had not even tried the other sections, rather than getting a low score.

Option 2: guess on the whole test except verbal and hope for the best? But perhaps if I end up having to re-write and re-apply next year, other schools will see that I did very poorly on my first attempt (by virtue of guessing), instead of clearly only attempting verbal for Mac which I suppose could make sense in their minds, as I know others have done this before.

Let me know! I have decided that I AM writing the MCAT on the 4th, because I want to start applying this year. It's just a matter of how to write it.... Thanks so much!

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