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Hi all,

I would like to know if it matters with how we pick our field concentration in the 2nd year of our grad program. If I were to pick a concentration and different type of social work, does this mean I will have limited career choices? Like I found a job posting on working with youth, but my concentration is on the aging population, is the future employer going to pass up my resume because they see me listing an aging population as my concentration with my MSW on the resume?

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I would say your concentration is important only in that you get tailored training/classes with regards to that population.  However, as a hiring manager, I paid more attention to prior job experience more than anything.  If you have transferable skills as well as specific training geared towards whatever job you are applying for, then that's all that matters.  It might help to connect how your prior job/concentration connects to the job you are applying in the cover letter. 

Hope that helps!

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Seems like usually you choose from public policy and community type focus to medical health field, child welfare, senior care, and mental health. There is an integrated health as well which I believe is like a combo of health and mental health. Personally since I want to become licensed and do clinical work including therapy I'm going for mental health or integrated.

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