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Counselling Psychology masters questions


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Good evening everyone,

I am currently considering my further education options after the completion of my psychology undergraduate degree,

I am currently researching counselling psychology as potentially my graduate degree option however in my local university it offers various Counselling psychology options such as  a Master of Counselling (MC) Counselling Psychology option ,Counselling Psychology (MEd)and a Counselling Psychology (MSc) option.


Has anyone experience in any of the above three, what are the differences in instruction and what would be a better fit for someone interested in group and individual therapy in both a public and private setting.

Many thanks!

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I'm currently in an MEd Couseling Psychology program.  My program is not designed for graduates at the Master's level to be immediately ready for licensure.  It's more designed for those going on to doctoral programs, or interested in research with some clinical background. The couple of my classmates who have decided to pursue licensure after completion of the MEd have to take some additional coursework and will have to complete additional clinical hours on top of what is required for the program.  So if you are interested in LPC licensure, it would be important to look into if the program prepares you for that right away, or if you'll have to do some little extra work for be eligible for that based upon your state licensing board.

What are you wanting to do after completing the Master's degree?  Knowing that will make it easier to provide suggestions and insight specifically for your situation.

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