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Need help / advice choosing between two options.



Thank you in advance for anybody / everybody who helps me work through this.

My end career goal is to have a research-based career in business.  The specific areas that interest me are motivational theory, group performance, leadership theory, and organizational strategy.

My background is in Business with minors in Psychology and Mathematics.  US citizen, 3.6 GPA, GRE: 162V, 165Q, 4.0W and 670 Psych subject.  My undergrad was done at a well recognized private university in the US 7 years ago.  My recent job history (current job and last 5 years) has been as an administrator at a large animal shelter.

I'm seeking guidance between two programs: PhD in Business or PhD in I/O psych.  I have some schools in mind, but don't really want to get into that yet before I actually decide between the two program options.  I'm more or less here to get some advise on which program would be more likely to help me reach my goals.

I'm not even leaning in any specific direction either at the moment.  Having talked to a couple profs of each variety, I've been told I could easily work internally or as a consultant doing research in my interest areas with either degree.  I think going with a PhD in Business would potentially give me more options overall since it would open about as many doors as having an MBA while allowing for research positions too, but the PhD in I/O Psychology will pretty much guarantee that I'm doing research after I'm done with school as long as I find a job in the field.

So any thoughts / contributions / questions to ask myself / etc... are definitely welcome.  I basically know what I want to do and what I want out of my education, but see two pathways that get me there ... just not the % of success and the nuances between them.

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I would pick based on where you find the work most interesting in terms of potential supervisors and the coursework you'd be completing. Or, apply to a mix of each and make your decision after you get your acceptances and go visit various campuses.

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