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Canadian MA/Med Counselling Psychology




I am wondering if there are any Canadian students out there that have applied to Masters programs at the University of Victoria, OISE, UOttawa, McGill, or any other universities that offer this program. 

I am currently an undergrad student finishing my last year, doing my honours thesis, and would like to gain insight on what applicants experiences have with applying, attending these schools, what professors they would recommend,  any other universities they would recommend,  etc. Personal details such as GPA, honours thesis, references, etc would be great to hear about so I can judge my chances! 

Just a little bit of guidance throughout the process would be great!!! I appreciate the time! 

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Hey! I know it's been MONTHS since you posted this but I'm in the process of applying for schools so I'm just stumbling on threads now. If you're still interested in the topic, I'm applying for the MA in counselling psych at SFU. A bit about me: I have a BA from SFU in psychology (finished in 2014), about 5-6 years of frontline experience in shelters, etc., and my CGPA was 3.4 (and 3.7 or so in my final two years). That's the only MA program I'm applying for. The rest are MSW. 

I went to the info session and they said that usually successful applicants have about 2 years of volunteer or work experience in the field (crisis line is one of the best experiences you can have for these programs apparently), so keep that in mind too! I can't speak to the professors and experiences of that particular program because I'm just applying now but it does have a good reputation and I did my undergrad at SFU and loved it! It's a really good school with a lot of amazing professors and tons of options and opportunities if you're willing to move out to Raincouver. I didn't do an honours (I did a directed studies in my final semester instead) but I have heard time and again that an honours can only help your chances (and for some programs, it's a necessity). 

I haven't applied for OISE but I have heard that it is a really great program. I didn't look into it so I don't have any other insight unfortunately. 

Hope something in there helps! Good luck :) 


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