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Applying to master's and PhD in same department


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NYU's Institue for French Studies has a Joint PhD Program in French Studies and History. However, NYU's I.F.S. offers a master's (not joint) in French studies with significant funding. I ideally would get into the PhD program, but if I apply to both programs, would that affect any decision making? 

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I can't speak to applying to both at once, but often if you apply to a PhD program and there is a related separate masters program, the application committee may choose to send your application down to the MA program anyway if they feel you aren't ready for the PhD. This happened to me with a few programs I applied to in my first round, and I ended up with acceptances to a few MA programs instead. I would thus definitely recommend applying for the PhD at least, and it may get sent down to the MA level if they feel you aren't ready. 

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Agreed.  Had this happen to me.  But since funding is actually involved in this one, you may want to find out if the system is automatic (reject from PhD applications but good enough for the MA and therefore an acceptance to the MA) or you need to request that your application to be moved for MA consideration if you do not get into the PhD.

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