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Did not finish credentialing program but took 12 units of grad work


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From 2015-2016, I was enrolled in an elementary education program for the multiple subject credential, however, after taking 12 units (overall 3.9 GPA)and working full time as an apprentice teacher, I decided not to continue. From 2016-2017, I was on a short term staff permit, allowing me to stay employed but not pursue the credential. I stayed in teaching elem school students primarily because higher ed jobs are so hard to get. 

I didn't see myself working with elementary school students for the rest of my life and thought about the last time I was happy which was at community college working as a student assistant in a program to improve graduation rates for economically disadvantaged populations. 

Now I'm applying to grad school to pursue my passion in student affairs for fall 2018 but I am unsure how the committee will view my application having seen that I didn't complete the program.

Should I address not having completed the program and pursuing credential?



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12 minutes ago, Kmoren11 said:

Should I address not having completed the program and pursuing credential?

There are different opinions on this, but I would say, in this case, yes. Not finishing will raise some concerns about your commitment and your ability to pursue graduate work, and you should address them and explain what happened with the last program. "I discovered that my interests lay elsewhere" is a perfectly fine explanation. Explanations should always be brief, positive and non-accusatory. 

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