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Sociocultural Anthropology vs. Sociology


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Hi everybody, 

I know that it seems a pretty lame question to ask, by I am really confused about the differences between Sociocultural Anthropology and Sociology! I know that the main difference is in their methodology, but how far this will exactly affect their studies? How can I realize that I am more inclined to the sociocultural anthropology or sociology? My undergraduate studies is in Engineering, and I wanted to change my major to social sciences, mainly sociology, and did not know much about Sociocultural Anthropology. But then I started MA program in Science and Technology studies in which I took two courses from Anthro department, and they both became my favorites, so I thought maybe I have to go for Anthro instead of Sociology. But I cannot make sure what to do? I once liked Sociology ( read some texts and audited some courses), and then I participated in two anthro courses ( you know how much it differs when you audit a course or enroll in one). I am going to apply for Fall 2018 Ph.D. programs, and I have to decide between these two as soon as possible. 

P.S: My MRP is more related to the anthropology of infrastructures. 

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It really depends on the programs and professors IMO. I'm actually applying for both anthropology and sociology programs based on which programs at the top universities aligns with my interests the most.

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