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  1. Hi everybody, I have a really critical question. I know it might be too late to ask for 2018 cycle, but anyway. My background is in Mechanical Engineering and I am going to finish my MA studies in Science and Technology Studies (STS) at York University. I took two courses from Anthropology Department, and I found them super exciting and I made my decision to pursue it in graduate studies (MA/Ph.D.). Due to some family issues, I prefer to leave Canada and apply for US universities, but as you know they hardly fund MA students so it is not the best choice for me (though I prefer to strengt
  2. Hi Guys, I am going to apply to Anthropology Ph.D. program this year, but I am not sure about my GRE scores. I took my GRE before Master program with Verbal 158, Quant 167, and analytical writing 3.5 (English is my second language). I know that my writing is not good, and it is better to retake it, but I have no time for studying verbal and quant sections this time and I am afraid to get lower scores in them if I retake the exam. However, I have written 5 essays for my master program and wrote MRP since then, and I hope this would compensate for my low score in GRE writing. What's your
  3. Hi everybody, I know that it seems a pretty lame question to ask, by I am really confused about the differences between Sociocultural Anthropology and Sociology! I know that the main difference is in their methodology, but how far this will exactly affect their studies? How can I realize that I am more inclined to the sociocultural anthropology or sociology? My undergraduate studies is in Engineering, and I wanted to change my major to social sciences, mainly sociology, and did not know much about Sociocultural Anthropology. But then I started MA program in Science and Technology studies
  4. Thanks for your responses. Actually, I got partial funding opportunities for Uni of Minnesota, and since it is high ranked, I accepted its offer. I hope It turns out good
  5. Hi, I have done my undergraduate studies in Mechanical Engineering, and unfortunately found it rather isolated from society and real issues. Hence, since I have always had strong passions for social sciences and especially sociology, I did my best to find a program combining sociology and engineering. Thus, I applied for Science & Technology Studies (STS) and related programs in some Universities. However, differences among programs I have applied and got admission from are rather significant, and I cannot make my decisions. I have been admitted into "Science, Technology, and E
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