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  1. For everyone looking at UCLA seriously, this is a tweet about our stipends. Actually if you're looking at any of the UCs, this website is an excellent resource to consider. The housing struggle is very real. Please factor it in to your decisions!
  2. Hey, so I decided that even if I was going to get in to Pitt, I'd pick one of the places I got in to already. So I just went ahead and made my decision. (It hasn't sunken in yet - I'm going to grad school!!)
  3. Hey, has anyone heard from Pittsburgh? I haven't seen anything on the board yet... I'm getting emails from PoIs in a couple of other universities and I don't know if it's rude to tell them I'm waiting for Pitt before I decide!
  4. Hey, I'm 30 and just got accepted to a couple of "top schools" in the US. I'm from South Asia, and have been the top my of my class through my undergrad, MA and MPhil. The first time I applied to grad schools abroad five years ago, I did it because I thought it was obvious that I had to. I applied to some big names, and to some not so big ones. I got rejected out of every single one. It was very difficult for me to accept, and I had a tough time battling with the constant self-doubt and anxiety that came with it. I already had an offer from a top school here so I stuck to it. Academia eve
  5. @hats, oops I don't think I was clear. They've offered their standard stipend, which is much less than the ivy. The ivy's also giving me summer support and a scholarship. I hope I get accepted somewhere else too
  6. I have a similar dilemma. An ivy with a comparitively not so great fit but excellent funding plus a scholarship! A public university that's an amazing fit, much better ranked, and fantastic work culture but in a super expensive city, offering me much less in their standard stipend.
  7. There is a response now. They said they weren't contacted or interviewed. (Which is ever so slightly a relief?)
  8. Does anyone know if UCLA typically does interviews? I saw a post on the board asking someone who got accepted about interviews.
  9. Hey, I noticed an interview call for WUSTL on the board. Does the poster know if any other emails from PoIs have been sent out? Has anyone else received any communication from them?
  10. Hey, does anyone know anything about Syracuse? I see one acceptance on the board, but there's no claim or anything. Um, does this mean they're done?
  11. Been lurking here for sometime.. This waiting is killing me! Anyone else waiting on Syracuse? (I think most of the others in NY have posted decisions, right?)
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