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SLP-D (+ other doctorate programs)

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Hi all, 

Upon completing my masters in SLP, I imagine that at some point I will want to pursue a doctorate degree. However, here in Canada we only have PhD programs for SLP and as someone who has no interest in academia or research-baed work, I do not know exactly what I should do! Would it be wise to look into distance based education programs in the USA to complete while working as an SLP? Any other possible avenues that I could take? 


Thanks everyone :)

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Clinical doctorates are pretty new and rare here in my understanding. But at this point I'm not sure the purpose or pros of getting one. Maybe a slight bump in pay but I don't see jobs advertising they want someone with a clinical doctorate. You're right that a PhD would be mainly if you want to teach or research but PhD is not a clinical doctorate. At least in the US with ASHA you could become board certified if there is a certain area you are more drawn to like fluency. That would be an alternative if you had interest. 

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