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  1. You asked this two weeks ago, so I don't know if your situation has changed, but as of about a week ago, the cohort is full.
  2. Yeah, a room at the grand lodge hotel usually will run you about $70-80.
  3. Edgefield is an hour away. Look at the mcmenamins grand lodge that's in forest grove.
  4. You need to know the information in order to get through grad school. Like @Crimson Wife said, there are extended programs, but there are a lot of downfalls to those. Take a year, do your postbacc. You won't get through grad school if you're going in blind.
  5. There is not a program with high rate of acceptance. That's just the nature of the field right now. As long as you apply smart, you should be okay. Apply for places that fit your interests, don't apply to like, Iowa. Retake the GRE. Study like hell. Score better.
  6. Hey it's gonna be fine. Your stats are good, just apply to places that make sense for what you have to offer, qualitatively. I got in with way less.
  7. What courses does it not offer that you're looking for?
  8. Why do you want a doctorate? What do you think the benefit of one would be for you?
  9. Yep. I had a similar GPA, but I'd retake the GRE. Schools need a number to justify looking at the rest of your app. Apply smart, work your butt off on your personal statement.
  10. A Skilled Nursing Facility. Rehab center, basically. PSLF is easier in schools because they all qualify as public service, if they're public schools. Few hospitals are public/not for profit.
  11. If you want to work in schools, work in schools. Public Service Loan Forgiveness is significantly easier to achieve in the schools than in hospitals. Also, SNFs make more money than hospitals, if you do decide to just take the higher paying job.
  12. Yeah! I got into a few schools, the first year I applied. Just apply really smart, all over the country, and work for a good GRE score. Schools need a number to justify reading the rest of your application.
  13. Woah, it'll be okay. I had a few Cs, and a D. And a lot of Bs. YES. Don't let the 4.0s scare you. Its totally possible.
  14. Hey friend. I took a year, because I wasn't ready, and worked retail. I'm in a grad school I love now, and I'm ready to be here. Take whatever time you need.
  15. Every school I applied to (15, all over the country) took my postbacc as part of my GPA, and I wasn't degree seeking. If you want a second bachelors, and you need that much of a boost, go for it, but most schools just look at last 60 credits, and CSD GPA, which OF COURSE includes postbacc. You can do it. Take the classes, work hard, apply smart.
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