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  1. Correction I’m actually about $40K and will be at 60 by summer term haha. Had to go double check that 😅
  2. - for externship in your second spring semester you can go anywhere in the US. They do have some previously established partnerships in CA but I am not sure what exactly. I am from San Diego but have decided to stay in OR for externship. If you decide to go back to SoCal I’m sure there will be more than enough opportunities and MANY people go back to their states so it is absolutely not a problem. - federal loans cover everything under the GradPLUS loan. It is a lot though. First year I’m already $60K deep. So it is definitely something to consider when making your decision. However, if you’re looking to go anywhere out of state the cost is very comparable and sometimes even cheaper than other programs.
  3. @RDuck I think you have an amazing shot at getting into pacific. They really value those “untraditional students” and diverse experiences. Pacific does offer a post bacc program that you may want to look into to take your courses and learn about their program! I don’t know how many people apply, but i do know maybe 160-180ish interview.
  4. The interview itself is only 20 minutes long and they have a set of questions they can ask you to guide the conversation, but everyone’s is slightly different since you’re all being interviewed by different people (someone from Pacific CSD staff, and a community partner) In MY personal interview I walked in and they told me to tell them about myself so I did. I pretty much just talked the whole time about why I want to be an SLP(experiences I’ve had), things in my life that have made me who I am(responsible, motivated, hardworking etc), hardships I’ve faced (working through school, helping out with my siblings, that kind of thing). They asked me what the biggest challenge in my life was which I kind of had already mentioned when I did my talking anyways, and of course why I chose to apply to Pacific. Pretty simple and very comforting. They don’t care so much about your grades at this point, if you got an interview it means you already met those requirements with them. Assume they know nothing about you, and just focus on getting them to love you lol ? That being said, I knew NONE of this stuff going into my interview and I still got in! So no need to worry! Just be yourself ? If anyone has any additional questions feel free to message me. Good luck all!
  5. Just posted this in a different post but copying and pasting on to here ? The interview is nothing to be afraid of but really just a day you’re gonna fall in love with the program. For most of the time you’ll just be networking with current students and other interviewees while you wait for your personal interview (which is really about getting to know you so don’t panic!). You’ll also get a campus tour and either breakfast or lunch depending on the time of day you are there! Best of luck!! ?
  6. The interview is nothing to be afraid of but really just a day you’re gonna fall in love with the program. For most of the time you’ll just be networking with current students and other interviewees while you wait for your personal interview (which is really about getting to know you so don’t panic!). You’ll also get a campus tour and either breakfast or lunch depending on the time of day you are there! Best of luck!! ?
  7. I was gonna suggest the same thing as felice. There’s full length practice tests on the ETS site and all the other prep sites as well. It’ll be a pretty good estimate of what you’ll score. I believe I was only like 2pts off on my actual scores. And it’s EXPENSIVE. If you can afford the $200 multiple times then by all means go ahead, but I personally could not and only took it once. Most people don’t improve very much over the multiple times they take it. In fact most people I’ve talked to actually did worse the second time around.
  8. It depends on how competitive you are as a candidate. I personally was only admitted to one very expensive private university, BUT I am a below average candidate. So that being said, I didn’t want to risk not getting in anywhere the following year or any year after that. I decided that based on my stats, there was really no chance of me being accepted into my local university, and accepted my position in the expensive school. But if your stats fit the numbers in your state schools and you feel like you have a good shot, then take the year off and try again next year!
  9. I didn’t have long term back up plans because my goal was always to be an SLP, so my backups were things to improve my application. I too have a lower gpa but I encourage you to apply to schools that look at students holistically and weigh your experiences heavier than your numbers! (I got into ONE grad school on the first try but that’s all I needed!) If you can afford it, look into therapy abroad programs where you’re directly working with SLPs and clients in different settings, that experience looks great! There’s also a programa called “join hope speaks” and they do therapy in Uganda and you can sign up as a volunteer as well! These programs are just a couple weeks long so you wouldn’t be losing too much work time. Also find local SLP clinics and do as much volunteering and observation time that you can and expand to working with different populations/age groups. Every school I’ve ever researched really values that diverse experience. Your work doesn’t have to be directly SLP related so you can do any work with children with disabilities or older adults. Another option is joining one of those programs where you go and teach English abroad for like a year (and are getting paid for it). So you’re still doing something language related, making money, and traveling! And finally, I assume you’ll be graduating soon and if you end up taking a year off, check if your university allows volunteers in research labs, that also looks great. Anyways, best of luck! Don’t be afraid to hype yourself up in your essays (;
  10. Hello! I’ll be attending as well and have been told to look in Hillsboro/Beaverton area! That forest grove is a bit run down and kind of boring. Hillsboro tends to be the middle ground between campus and the city, which will also be convenient for our clinical placements!
  11. Hi there! Another average student here. I decided to apply this year just so that I wouldn’t regret not trying (I graduate in May) and I actually got into a program!! I still can’t believe it and don’t even believe I deserve it. But anyways, my overall GPA is a 3.56 and my CSD GPA is only a 3.3. My GRE scores were also not super impressive (145V 151Q and 4.0W). I was accepted to Pacific University in Oregon because of my interview. They believe that your numbers don’t say anything about your potential for being an SLP or about you as a person. My experience isn’t super crazy either. I have volunteer experience in a rehab facility for a summer (5 years ago) where I translated for the SLPs because they did not speak Spanish, I spent a lot of time involved in the deaf community and pretty fluent in ASL, and I now currently work as a Respite Worker with children with developmental disabilities, mostly autism and Down syndrome and through my job I get to observe their therapies and implement the strategies during play. HOWEVER, what Pacific also saw in me was that I come from low income communities, first to go to college, and from a single parent household where I am the oldest and have had to carry that extra load of responsibilities from a very young age and that it has also been a challenge to my studies. Most schools will not see all of that, they will see my numbers and 300words about why they should pick me. Idk what your story is, but if apply strategically you will find those schools that look at you, your experience, and your passion, you will just have to be willing to pay a little more or live very far lol. But you can do it!! If I did it you can too ? PS: I used a book called “Graduate Admissions Essays” to help me write my personal statement, I recommend ✔️✔️
  12. From my understanding max award in loans from FAFSA is 20K. Then you can apply for grad plus which is only a couple thousand more. (All unsubsudized). The rest you’d have to get from private lenders. (Which sucks on interest) but you’d be surprised how much companies are willing to lend to students. Im on the same boat as you though, my total cost of attendance for 2 years is gonna be close to 100K. Which is just absolutely terrifying to me. But if this is your dream, it’s worth the investment! And there are options for loan forgiveness, plus we’ll be making a decent living after getting our degree to pay them off comfortably. (I hope lol)
  13. I’ve been thinking about the cost a lot too. But considering how amazing their program is it might be worth it. Most students from other programs are so stressed out from their work load that they can barely breathe, but at PU they all seemed very relaxed and sane lol. For Me being someone who stresses out a lot over everything, that plays a huge factor. I think I rather invest the money in a program that’s gonna provide me with a supportive environment and keep me mentally healthy, than be in a program in which I am miserable and overwhelmed in.
  14. My friend is also on the waitlist but considering that it’s a more expensive program you probably have a really good chance as many people will choose a cheaper alternative! I am planning on attending!
  15. Congrats! My friend was waitlisted as well but I think the odds are definitely in your favor! I am also planning to attend so If you do get accepted let me know ??
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