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  1. I just know that they are ranked #108 in Speech-language pathology graduate school and they are not very multicultural (if either of those matter to you)
  2. Hi, the math placement was definitely not indicative of the level of the course - I'm not sure why we even had to take that. The course was much easier than I expected - it's mostly multiple choice questions all along and not having exams was a bonus.
  3. Does anybody know how common it is to get kicked out of a Speech Pathology graduate program? It feels like such an achievement to get into such a competitive program but some universities seem to have really rigorous criteria to stay in. I have read a few stories here about candidates who have had to leave their programs for not meeting stringent grade and GPA requirements - for example getting dismissed just for getting 2 C's. Is it unusual to be dismissed or is it fairly easy to happen to a hardworking and diligent student?
  4. Thank you. I did not know reddit had a special speech pathology section - I will check it out.
  5. I was wondering how many ASHA prerequisites other students have to take on average. I'm guessing that those who completed undergraduate CSD degrees may have to take less of these prerequisites than non-CSD undergraduate majors. Please indicate how many prerequisites (including biological sciences, physical sciences, social/behavioral sciences, and statistics) you have to take/have already taken for grad school.
  6. I did this before and from experience, the first few months are the hardest - after that, the new place becomes like home to you. When I first arrived in a new city, I wanted to leave and go home but it's amazing how a new place can grow on you to the extent that you don't want to leave. Change is hard initially but totally worth it for the goals you are trying to achieve.
  7. That looks great - it looks like their current courses are full but I'll call them up and ask more about when the next session starts. Thank you....and to everyone else who replied.
  8. That sounds great. I checked out what Physics of sound entails and it looks more relevant than anything else. I wonder if there are any ONLINE universities/community colleges offering it as I can't find anything around my city.
  9. Hi Everyone I am trying to make a decision whether to take Physics or Chemistry as my ASHA pre-requite. Any idea which is more relevant to speech pathology? I would rather choose the option that is going to help more in a graduate degree/future career. Thanks. I have heard that Chemistry is probably easier than Physics so am inclined to take that but also want to make sure it's the more useful of the two options. Thanks.
  10. Does anyone have any thoughts about which university you would choose if given the choice - New York University or Columbia University? On the one hand, Columbia is an ivy league with higher rankings but then NYU is also an excellent school. Thanks.
  11. You are right - your quant GRE score can be raised, contrary to what you have been advised. I used to think like your professors until I was convinced by a GRE tutor that repeated practice and timing are everything on the Quant section. If you don't have much time to study, you may want to apply and see what happens before deciding to re-take the GRE since more emphasis tends to be placed on verbal scores in this field, and you already have a great verbal and AW score, as well as a high GPA.
  12. Can pre-requisites be repeated until you get your desired grade? So for example, say you score a C in one pre-requisite subject, can you then repeat it until you get an A and would the university you are applying to know that you have repeated the subject and how many times you repeated it? Basically I'm wondering if it works like the GRE score select where you can repeat as many times as you like and just choose to report the highest score? Most universities in the area where I live require pre-requisites and I'm wondering whether to take a year off to study towards them, but I just need a 'guarantee' that it is going to be worth the effort.
  13. Thank you so much for these helpful responses. I do not have an undergraduate degree in Speech Pathology so I am limited in the number of universities I can apply to but it's good to know that I stand a chance. There are certainly ways I can improve my application like raising my GRE score.
  14. I have read so many posts about people trying to get into speech pathology grad schools or not getting in at all, that I looked for programs abroad as an alternative. Many months later, after preparation I ended up with the following stats: Verbal - 156 Quantitative - 148 AWA 4 I also have a 3.4 GPA from a previous Masters degree in another field. My undergrad GPA was a 2.7. However, this was from a long time ago - in the 1990's At this point in time, I have an opportunity abroad but am thinking of rejecting it and just applying to American universities instead since I live here and it would be difficult to uproot and relocate. Another part of me tells me to accept this opportunity abroad as something else may not come along here in USA or if it does, it may take a long time. What do you think? Do I stand a shot at getting into an American university with my stats-? If so, I would prefer to decline the opportunity abroad. Thanks.
  15. I am in a predicament. I have been accepted into a masters program in speech pathology abroad and was going to turn that down due to personal circumstances making it difficult to leave the country. However, I recently took the GRE and scored dismally which is making me re-evaluate my decision. I scored : Verbal: 156 Quant: 148 and AWA 4 My GPA is around 3.2 My fear is that if I turn down the school abroad, what if I don't get in here? I have read so many stories here about people who try for years or who don't get in and have to change their career choice. So although it would be very challenging for me to leave, I feel pressured to do it anyway. I could try to raise my GRE score and plan to re-test but time is of the essence as the masters program abroad starts in September. Any advice? What would you do?
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