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Repeating pre-requisites to get desired grade


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Can pre-requisites be repeated until you get your desired grade? So for example, say you score a C in one pre-requisite subject, can you then repeat it until you get an A and would the university you are applying to know that you have repeated the subject and how many times you repeated it?

Basically I'm wondering if it works like the GRE score select where you can repeat as many times as you like and just choose to report the highest score?

Most universities in the area where I live require pre-requisites and I'm wondering whether to take a year off to study towards them, but I just need a 'guarantee' that it is going to be worth the effort.



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There was actually another poster on here recently who pointed out that the CSDCAS application (used by many but not all programs) apparently allows you to only count the grade for the repeated course, which surprised me. However, colleges will still request every transcript of every course you've taken, and schools that don't use CSDCAS (or maybe even if they do) will probably look at repeats. It's definitely different than the GRE.

Also, if you can swing thousands of dollars worth of repeat classes and months of effort then that's great, but if you get a B+ on the 2nd try, it's probably not worth taking it a 3rd time in the hopes you get an A!

Your best bet is to either take the prereqs once and try your hardest, or branch out a bit and look for 3-year programs without prereqs. It might require moving or attending online.

If you're not sure how you'll do or want to get a better feel for the field, try taking just one prereq first so you know what to expect.

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