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  1. 150Quant is decent. It is not going to e extra money and time, you can retake; however, I do not think that it is 100% necessary.
  2. I teach English as a Second Language abroad. It was never meant to be a career, but I was a linguistics major, and enjoyed the application of my academic knowledge. I have had the pleasure of interviewing many travel SLPs, and I also believe that my experience has been very relevant to the field.
  3. fl317---No, you can only choose which test you would like to send; you cannot mix and match scores from different tests. If you get a 160V/140Q/4AWA, and a 140V/160Q/4AWA, it is unfortunately not possible to submit a 160V/160Q/4AWA...ETS is not going to be that reasonable when it could just force you to pay 205 more to play their dumb little game again.
  4. GRE scores are never there to help you, only hurt you--and you seem to be safe from that. By that statement, I mean that GREs are usually just a tool to weed out those below a certain threshold (in your case, it appears to be 150 in each section). After that, they are pretty much irrelevant. 150, 157, 163...the odds are, the difference between these numbers really won't make or break any application. The only scenario where a GRE score will help an application is that if your GRE scores are particularly high, an admission committee won't throw your application in the trash for a weak GPA. Seeing how your GPA is hardly weak, that doesn't apply to you. So, save yourself the 205. You'll need it when you are a broke grad student.
  5. ASHA typically has a 'last updated' notice at the top of the page.
  6. Most UK/Irish schools will accept you if you are applying from a Psychology/Linguistics/Cog Sci related major. In the US, I have found that Northeastern and SCU will accept students who have completed minimal SLP prerequisites. Of course, you would be wise to consider the flip side of this coin. If you have not studied Com Sci that deeply prior to attending graduate school...you will have that much more work to do while in grad school. From my understanding, SLP grad school is a time consuming, high stress, fast paced environment that is difficult on your mental health as it is.
  7. Thanks for all your replies! I am definately volunteering, but it is hard to find opportunities where I am at (Vietnam). I'm currently shadowing school based therapists. I probably will not be applying for this year, and I would like to take classes for the up coming years to show my dedication. Thank you for your advice!
  8. Western Kentucky has an online program. James Madison does as well.
  9. I need more information to answer accurately. Are you applying to schools in the US/Canada, or Europe/Oceana? TOEFL is favored more by the Americas and IELTS is everywhere else. The trends seem to be in favor of the IELTS (American unis are increasingly accepting it). You still should look at your individual universities of choice to see which tests and scores they require.
  10. Hi, I am an out of fielder who has been considering a shift to Speech Therapy for some time now. I'd like to throw my stats out there and see if I could be competitive. GPA, 3.54. Yeah, my broken dreams of being a biochem major really dragged my scores down. I took a number of graduate level coursework in my major, and got As and high Bs in them. It's frustrating--most discliplines would consider this gpa fantastic! GRE--165 verbal~155 math~4.5 AW. Hoping this offsets the gpa Work History~teaching EFL to Asian students. This isn't considered a high powered career at all. I got into it through my passion for travel and language, but I am worried my CV looks flakey. Opinions?
  11. I teach EFL to East Asian students. I am glad that I have pursued this career (I actually considered getting my MA Applied Linguistics for a long time). I'd like to say that many of the skills I have developed teaching EFL will transfer over quite well to SLP. In addition, I have managed to be active in the international SLP community. I have shadowed SLPs in international schools and hospitals, and have volunteered for SLP related charitable organizations. I'm hoping that this will give my SOPs an edge.
  12. I had 2 Cs and 2 low Bs during my second year undergrad from one wretched semester when I learned the hard way that I was not cut out to be a pharmacist. It was in Biology lab and Chemistry lab. I am taking biology and physics of sound ATM. I am thinking science courses more relevant to SLP will make my application stronger. My plan is to nail the GRE and to get relevant experience to write about in my SOP. Other than that, I can only hope for the best!
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