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  1. g_slp

    University of North Texas

    I just got into UNT! I'm so excited! Did anyone find a facebook group?
  2. g_slp

    School Facebook Groups 2018

    I haven't seen one yet :(
  3. Hi! Did you end up deciding on any yet?? I just got accepted into Appalachian State and am really interested in going!
  4. g_slp

    School Facebook Groups 2018

    Is there one for Appalachian State??? I just got accepted today!!!
  5. got waitlisted in 4 schools and I'm STILL waiting...hahaha this is killing me.
  6. g_slp

    University of North Texas

    if anyone gets off the waitlist, let me know!
  7. g_slp

    What Schools Are You Waiting On!?

    Wait jokes, jokes...I checked my junkmail and I got waitlisted this afternoon at Appalachian State!!! Feeling thankful and hoping for the best!
  8. g_slp

    What Schools Are You Waiting On!?

    Waiting for Appalachian State, UVA, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, and University of Houston!!! Anyone hear from them?
  9. g_slp

    Current Grad Student Answers

    Will grad schools let people know if they're accepted at different times? Is that what the "wave" process is? And do all schools tell you if you're waitlisted? I'm so anxious in hearing back from a school that a few people have heard back from today!
  10. g_slp

    Louisiana Schools 2018

    I'm pretty confused about the application process in general. will schools tell you you're "waitlisted" or just wait a few weeks and then let you know if you're accepted/rejected?
  11. Hey, if anyone hears from OUHSC (University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center) please let me know!
  12. g_slp

    Louisiana Schools 2018

    Anxiously waiting for LSU-NOLA ahhhhh!!!
  13. g_slp

    Louisiana Schools 2018

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone knew more about LSUHSC-NOLA! I had the interview with them, and loved the faculty and what they had to say! I'm a Texas native at a school in TX, but my family was born and raised in Louisiana, so I'd be close to loved ones if I went there! I guess just in general, if you know anything about this program, feel free to share!

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