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Political Science PhD Profile Evaluation


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Hi Everyone, I am an International Student, currently pursuing IR M.A degree. I will be applying several political science PhD programs this semester. Although I do not have a pompous background for top tier programs, I am confident to be admitted into mid-tier political science PhD's. Here is my profile:

Undergrad GPA: 3.33, a private university at my home country.

Grad GPA: 3.73 (Currently, I am a second year student at SF State, I will improve the GPA but this is my available stat for this application cycle),

Research Experience: I have submitted a paper to SF State's IR journal to be published,

Research Interests: IR sub-field, specifically International Security and IR theory,

Teaching Experience: Working as T.A for two professors,

TOEFL: This requirement is waived by the majority of programs I will apply, but I might take TOEFL for some of the programs, which do not waive the proficiency requirement,

GRE: I will take it this November, (although I am confident in verbal; scoring around 157-160 on mock tests, the quant part is where I am horrific at, hoping to score around 155 on the actual test)

LOR'S: I will have strong LOR'S from tenured professors of my program, who hold PhD's from UC Berkeley, Yale,

Programs I will apply:

UC Davis- Political Science PhD

Boston University-Political Science PhD

University of Virginia-Political Science PhD

Florida University-Political Science PhD

Florida International University-International Relations PhD

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I wouldn't cut yourself too short. You have some research experience and a decent GFA for a foreign applicant. Depending on where you apply to, some programs might not place as much emphasis on your verbal score. Try to get at least a 158 on the quantitative portion. If you do that, I think you might have a shot at some top 20-30 programs.

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