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Tracking your application...anyone else find errors?


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Hi again - I am an international student and so the whole application process has been a steep learning curve in itself. For those 'experienced' (or at least clued-in folks) here is my question:

I checked my 'received materials' at the prospective university in question. They have recorded receiving FOUR (4) referee letters - which is very strange as I only gave 3 (as required by the program). Now, is this a clerical error or did someone who interviewed me there last month shove something in (either positive or negative) on my behalf? Very odd and somewhat perturbing. Ideas? A friend suggested to do nothing either way and leave it be - (but they also tend towards conspiracy theories when it comes to anything even vaguely administratively related...) So - advice please!

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I agree. You should call to clear it up. Not only do you not want someone else's letter in your file, but someone else could be missing a letter thus making their app seem incomplete! These type of administrative glitches happen a lot and are usually discovered, but not always right away.

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