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IR PhD Profile Evaluation


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Hi guys,

Please share what you think about my profile and the chances I will be admitted to the following schools:

Princeton, MIT, UPenn, Chicago, Yale, Columbia, Georgetown and GWU.

I'm also thinking of a couple of other top programs. My greatest weaknesses are undergrad GPA and TOEFL score as you can see below.

Should I try some safer programs as well...?


Undergrad GPA: PoliSci 3.66, a top private university in a my home country.

Grad GPA:PoliSci 3.99 

Research Experience: MA thesis / No published work

Research Interests: International Security - deterrence, alliance, nuclear strategy, etc (Quite strong SOP expected)

Teaching Experience: Lectured at a military academy for two years

TOEFL: 109 (This exam is just not for me...)

GRE: 165/163/5.0

LORs: Professors from my home university (BA & MA)

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I'm not familiar with the ins and outs of TOEFL. Other than that, I think you have a pretty good profile. Your GRE scores are good, but if you really want to be competitive I'd consider retaking one more time. But that's just me; others might have a different opinion.

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Regarding the TOEFL - check with the program and university admissions pages to see if they have a minimum requirement. Often for something like a TOEFL the requirement may be a set number (say 100 with no band below 20 or something) but it doesn't matter how far above it you are, just that you meet it. I would say the verbal and written GRE scores are a pretty clear indicator that your English is fine, but if you don't meet the TOEFL requirements for a university you may want to look into the IELTS or another exam to see if it might be a better testing fit for you.

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