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Meeting up with two professors at two universities of interest next month. Any tips for how I should gear my interactions?



Hi All,

I plan on applying for grad school in Fall 2018 to pursue my MA in communication (I plan on pursuing my PhD and going into research and teaching). I sent out about 6 emails to get in touch with professors I'd potentially be interested in working with. I built a rapport with 2 of them. 

One is at CSU Long Beach and the other at CSU Fullerton (relatively close to each other). I plan on visiting the area next month for a few days and I've scheduled meet-ups with the both of them. I'll also be sitting in on one of their classes. 

 I want to build stronger relationships with these two professors and I want to ask the right questions. I'm just looking for advice from anyone else who has visited potential mentors in person before applying to any schools. I really want to make the most of these meetings, but this is totally new ground for me so I'm not sure how to go about my interactions. 

 All comments appreciated. Thank you! 

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The most helpful advice I received from fellow graduate students and professors is to be yourself during meetings with professors and advisors. Meeting with professors is stressful for students and can be awkward. If you walk into a meeting and try to ask all the perfect questions and have an in depth conversation, you could miss out on the little things which build relationships. I suggest bringing 2 or 3 questions that you really want to ask then let the conversation flow. You may not ask all your questions (for numerous reasons), but it is more important to start building relationships in your MA.

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