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Ryerson PP PHD & Balsillie


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Dear All,


i'm already in the first year of doing a PhD in Security Studies in New Zealand, but been unhappy because of family reasons, my wife has got severe depression because of the rural way of life here, far away from home and no jobs and education for her (an M.A. costs 30K$ for her and no funding where i am) and the job market stinks. so planning to move to Canada where she has relatives and can get scholarships to study - also my current Uni here isnt very high ranked and the academic atmosphere isnt very good either or active- in a department were teaching is more important than research

Program: PhD with a focus on Security Studies

Schools Applying To:  Balsillie PhD or Ryerson PP PhD

Interests: Rise of China and Asia-Pacific Security

Undergrad Institution: Uni in Middle East

Undergraduate GPA: 2.8 :(

Undergraduate Major:English Literature

Graduate: M.A. in Indian Studies with IR Thesis, from Iran's top Uni -  3.6 GPA -

GRE: not taken, hence the two school option

Years of Work Experience:2 years

Age: Persian, English (Fluent),

Work Experience: 1 year as junior researcher at a think-tank in Iran working on Asia-pacific security - 1 year of T.A at a New Zealand University teaching Middle East and Asia Pacific Security - guest contributor to an Atlantic Council program - Campaign Manager for a Presidential race

LORs:  2 from my previous professors in Iran, can write very good letters. maybe one from NZ

Publications: a book chapter in persian in a think-tank book - conference paper and a couple of op-ed for the Atlantic council

SOPs: can write a good one, i also have a pretty much completed PhD proposal at hand.


i was wondering how competitive the PhD at Ryerson and Balsillie are and what are the chances of getting funding? also, do you think my current PhD Status is a positive to the eye of the admission committee or a negative point?


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