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Hello everyone,

Found this site that states the stipend amount from different schools across the country based on the program. And even tells you if you get health benefits or not sometimes. Thought it would be useful!


Just type in your school name, and wala. 

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Well it just gives you stipend information. It will occasionally list insurance and scholarships, depends on if the person who made the post wanted to include it. But I've found it very useful for just a general search to see how much the school gives vs. living expenses. 

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Thanks for linking to our site, @samman1994!

The data is all self-reported by PhD students receiving stipends; we didn't want to make the submission form too onerous, so benefits like health insurance premiums aren't their own category. Some people choose to specify that in the comments.

If you have ideas for how PhD Stipends could better serve you (like specifically asking about health benefits), please let me know! We are open to updating it.

The utility of the site directly correlates with the size of the dataset, so @cowgirlsdontcry if you think your university's data is a bit weak, please enter your stipend and ask your peers to do the same! Thanks!

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