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question about dropping class/grad school


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Im planning on applying for psych MA programs next year (in Canada). I just had my first day of a class and hated it and because the drop date goes until Friday of this week, I am considering dropping it and picking up an online course. However, if I drop it it will appear as a 'W' (withdrawal) on my transcript. Will graduate programs care about that? It's not like Ive been in the class for a while (only 1 class) and I'm going to be picking up an online course to take its place, but does it look bad to graduate schools that I have withdrawn from a course? 




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I can't speak to all MA programs (especially ones in Canada), but I had two W's on my transcript when applying to experimental psych MA programs in that states (one for my first time taking calculus as a freshman and another for some history course I hated as a junior). No one has ever asked me about them or indicated they even noticed. I got into all three I applied to.  I would say unless the course you're dropping is important to the programs you're applying to, I doubt they'll care at all. This is especially true if you have a good GPA. 

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Are you sure dropping in your first week still shows up as a W?

Regardless, I can't imagine anyone would care unless you have so many W's on your transcript that it looks like you can't finish a course without attempting it 2-3 times.

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