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Canada MS Stats Application - Profile Evaluation


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Hi all, 


I would really appreciate some feedback on the below, re my chances of admission. I have applied for Jan 18 admission.


Undergrad Institution: Top university in Ireland
Major(s): Statistics
Minor(s): Mathematics
GPA: 3.76/4.2 (Award), final year GPA was 3.87/4.2

Type of Student: International male

Programs Applying: Statistics MS, McGill
Research Experience:
Final year research project for which I received an A-. Project took 12 weeks in all. My supervisor wanted me to enter into a European undergraduate research competition, but this wasn't possible in the end. I have also continued on this research in my own time. In my statement I also stated two more areas which I would like to research.
Awards/Honors/Recognitions: None to speak of.
Pertinent Activities or Jobs: I have just completed a one-year graduate program at a large insurance company's data science centre. I stated in my application that I built an outlier detection algorithm for insurance data in this job.
Courses:  Final two years (courses which contributed to degree classification)
Research Project A- 3.8
An Intro to Coding Theory C+ 3.0
Actuarial Statistics II B+ 3.6
Categorical Data Analysis A+ 4.2
Multivariate Analysis A 4.0
Applied Statistical Modelling A 4.0  
Models - Stochastic Models A+ 4.2
Actuarial Statistics I A+ 4.2
Nonparametric Statistics B 3.4
Monte Carlo Inference A 4.0
Data Programming A- 3.8
Data Prog with Python (online) A+ 4.2 
Cryptography: Theory & Practice A 4.0 
Ring Theory C+ 3.0
Statistical Data Mining B 3.4
Design of Experiments B+ 3.6
Bayesian Analysis A- 3.8
Economics and Society A 4.0
Functions of One Complex Variable 5.0 5.0 B- 3.2
Metric Spaces 5.0 5.0 B+ 3.6
Research Methods for the Social Science, Business and the Humanities A+ 4.2
Time Series A 4.0
Models - Survival Models D 2.2
Letters of Recommendation: One of my letters is from my research supervisor who knows me well. They are relatively young and have their PhD 4/5 years.
My second letter is written by a much more senior lecturer, head of the statistics department, who taught me two courses, in both of which I got an A grade.
Programs considering: Only the MS at McGill for now.
Concerns: My grades were very poor for the first two years. I have addressed this in my application and explained that this was the case as I was also working a job to finance my studies.
For the final two years I made the decision to quit my job.
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