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7 minutes ago, deutsch1997bw said:

Does anyone have any tips for a GRE retake? Is it feasible to increase one's quant score by 7-10 points in one month? 

It might be possible to increase your GRE scores by that much, depending on the amount of time you have to invest. The quan. test involved primarily algebra and finite math. However, I'm not the greatest math student ever and when I took finite math, I did most of the work with an advanced calculator (never learned the formulas). You must learn the formulas because all you get to use during the GRE is the onscreen calculator. I actually remembered some of typical problems because they were the same ones I encountered in the math class, but since I had not learned the formulas, I could only make an educated guess, which is why my math score was not high. Whether you can learn all of those formulas in one month is an unknown.

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This could depend on the current quantitative score. If you were aiming for around 165, it would help to identify and tackle the particular areas of weakness you have and do some customized practice. Overall, fully digesting qualified materials such as the official quantitative reasoning guide or the majority of Magoosh would certainly help, and a month should be fine.

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